Hope at the End of the Tunnel…

Today was my visit with the surgeon. I told him how well I had been doing, until they refused to renew my prescription of Naproxen. I assured him that Aleve is NOT the same, and that now I am reluctant to go out for a walk because of the pain. He was surprised that my prescription renewal was denied. He said that it shouldn’t have been. While Naproxen is hard on the kidneys, as long as they are monitored carefully, and as long as I drink lots of water, I should be fine. He told me that he would renew the prescription, and would send his notes to my primary physician to support that. I COULD HAVE KISSED HIM!! Our next visit will not be until January, when we will re-evaluate. He talked about using possible injections, if things were worse.

My 1st year evaluation at work is in January. I HAVE GOT to make it past that. I am so happy that I will be able to start my walks again…probably later this week, now that I have Naproxen back. Suddenly I feel like a dark veil has been lifted, and there is hope for continuing to improve my walking and hiking. I have much to look forward to. I have signed up to start volunteering my time to make calls during the election, and I also need to get back to re-writing my novel for publication.

It’s funny how the wall of not being able to get the medication I need, to feel comfortable walking, was such a block on everything (my energy level, my desire to reach out and participate in life, my positivity). I guess we need to remember this. If something is blocking your way, be sure to let your doctor know. Only if they know, are they able to help. They are in the business of healing bodies, but also healing lives. He made such a huge difference by merely writing a prescription.

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