People tell me I should use a walker…

When I get up from a sitting position, at work or at home, the pain is excruciating until after I have taken the first 4-5 steps.  The women in my office are always alarmed.  They haven’t gotten used to the predictable pain and halting progress I make across the office.  By the time I go down the hall to the copy room, and back to our office I am walking almost normally.  I wish there was something I could do to stop the pain for the brief time period.  I don’t like alarming people.

At church today we were phone banking for the election.  Whenever I had to get up to go into the other room for more lists of phone numbers, or other forms, the same thing would happen.  It was extremely painful for the first few steps, and then it evened out and allowed me to walk normally.  One of the ladies at church asked me if I use a walker at home.  I told her no.  She said that she doesn’t like to use one in public, but she always uses one at home.  Another fact to park behind my ear for a future time.

And now, dear readers, I have a question I want to ask you.  I have so much pain at night and I wake up frequently because I have rolled over.  Have any of you ever used CBD oil?  I have heard wonderful things about it, and how it helps you to sleep.  However, I am a drug & alcohol counselor and would lose my job if I ever tested positive.  How safe is it?  Even though I grew up in the 60s, I never smoked or ingested marijuana.  I wanted to be a teacher and would have never taught if I had been arrested for marijuana possession (back when it was criminalized).  So, I have NEVER used an illegal substance.  I know that CBD oil supposedly does not use THC, but can one be sure?

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